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/* VIII.2 Chatroom Setup */
=== VIII.3 Join ===
Joining a chat involves two different procedures: the Join procedure, described in Algorithm [[''(n+1)sec''#Join|2]], which runs on the new participant’s instance, and an Accept New Participant Procedure, described in Algorithm [[''(n+1)sec''#Protocol_for_other_participants_already_in_the_chat_to_accept_the_newcomer|3]], which runs on the clients of participants that are already in the chat.
The new participant needs to authenticate everybody already in the room and hand them their ephemeral key. All the parties already in the room only need to authenticate the new participant and need to send to them their ephemeral DH key. These procedures are described in Algorithm 3 and 4. After initial authentication step, all parties follow the same procedure to initiate a new session following Algorithm 5.
==== Authentication Step for new Joining party====
'''Algorithm 3'''
After this step joining user will proceed to "initiate new session" by Algorithm 5.
====Authentication Step for parties in the room====
For other participants to a accept a new participant only, the authentication step is different. After current participants authenticate the new user, they proceed to update session.
After this step users will proceed to "initiate new session" using Algorithm 5.
==== Initiate new session ====
'''Algorithm 5'''
==== Sending and receiving messages while joining is in progress ====
In situations where a prolonged joining process (due to connection problems or malicious activities) has an adverse effect on the user experience, it might be desirable to enable that joining users can communicate with the parties in the room, while maintaining minimum assurances of authenticity, confidentiality, forward secrecy, as well as consistency only among participants.
This is less secure model in which a room is a forwardly secure authenticated communication channel while a session is a subset of the room, which additionally offers a consistent view of the room and consistent messages among participants. The detail of the process is depicted in Secthoin VIII.5
===VIII.4 Leave===
Leaving a chatroom involves a message from a leaving party indicating its intention to leave which, as with all other messages, contains the hash of TranscriptChain and one procedure for those who are staying in the chatroom (Procedure Farewell) which is described in Table [[''(n+1)sec''#Leave]].