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Preliminary questionnaire for training participants

  1. What are your main needs from a computer/Internet? What do you use them for?
  2. Do you fix computer problems/faults yourself, or do you have someone who does it for you?
  3. Do you share your computer with anyone?
  4. Do you know if currently, your computer is free of viruses and other malicious software? How can you be sure?
  5. Do you make a backup of your information (if so, please explain)
  6. Do you run a website, blog, forum? (if so, please explain how you run it and how you post information on it.)
  7. Have you come across electronic insecurity in your work or private life before? What were the problems and how (if) they were resolved?
  8. Has your office/home ever had a break-in?
  9. Do you have any security procedures in your home/office? Are any of these related to your computers and the information stored on them?
  10. What topics would you like to see covered during the digital security workshop?