Preliminary agenda for the September 9th meeting in DC.

  • Transport assumptions:
    • Investigating properties offered by XMMP-MUC (and cost of considering other protocols)
    • Offering reliable transport (deciding if its part of this protocol or part of the transport layer and implications over transcript consistency)
  • Transcript consistency:
    • Choice between simple consistency for globally order messages or incremental for less reliable transport.
    • Figuring out if mpOTR is only responsible for announcing inconsistency or it is also need to try to recover from inconsistency.
  • Consistence view:
    • mpOTR require that member of each session has the same view of the room before the session starts and all see the same text.
    • The DoS attacks that can be applied to consistence room view scenario and its mitigation.
    • The benefit of having a shared key or each individual manages their own key.

By the end of the meeting, final protocol specification should be decided, specifically:

  • Simple consistency vs incremental consistency
  • Requiring a consistent view of the room
  • Shared key or independent key