Lesson 2 Exercises

Exercise 1

Log into your email or social networking account. Carefully observe what kind of connection (secure or open) you are presented on the login screen, what happens to the address once you log in. Search within your account settings for an option to enable SSL connections.

Several free webmail services offer SSL connections. They include:

Exercise 2


Exercise 3


Exercise 4

Several software configurations can be done to help secure your use of Skype. Automatic login should be switched off. Be aware that chat history is by default recorded on your computer (this is not encrypted) and have a look at how to switch this option off and how to delete already recorded messages. Be aware that Skype allows you to login with the same account details from several different computers at the same time. Change your password regularly.

Exercise 5

Register an account at https://ostel.me, download Jitsi and establish an encrypted voice or video chat with a colleague who has done the same.