Lesson 1 Exercises

Exercise 1

Use a Geo-IP traceroute tool (http://traceroute.monitis.com/ ) to view how your connection is routed to a particular website.

Exercise 2

View your computer's IP by visiting http://hostip.info. You can also view the IP addresses associated with your favourite websites through this system.

Exercise 3

  1. Use the http://hostip.info tool to find out the IP addresses of your favourite websites.
  2. Open the Control Panel and locate your Network Connection settings (LAN or Wireless). Manually set the DNS servers to OpenDNS addresses ( or use two of the root DNS servers.

Exercise 4

Install the Wireshark network protocol analyzer (http://www.wireshark.org/) to view traffic on the local network (this exercise is only for those using a cable connection to the network).