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Even when using SSL email services you still need to rely (trust) on the provider of the service to keep your information private and secret. There is a solution in today's communications that will protect the content of your messages from everyone, apart from the recipients. The technology is known as encryption and it can be performed manually (as you will be shown with PGP Desktop) or by using an automated tool. The first method requires a good understanding of complex concepts, leaving a lot of room for user error. Vaultletsoft however, performs all encryption automatically, leaving the user just to remember their login passphrase. It has exceptional other features to increase the privacy of the communications channel.

Trainer's Notes: Whether you have already covered one of the SSL Wembail service above or are skipping directly to presenting Vaultletsoft in this module, you will need to explain to the audience how this service differs from SSL only connections. Talk in brief about message encryption and the privacy gains from the service provider.


Standard installation and registration as per the

Log in and log out several times to make sure everyone is comfortable with the process.

Trainer's notes:

  • Make sure to have the latest Vaultletsoft software so as not to force mandatory updates during presentation. Offer those participants with their own laptops to install the software and those using someone else's to run the portable version of the USB key. In each instance recommend the correct method of installation. If you feel that your audience is interested and capable – choose the Hands on for Mobile Data method of registration. Make sure the participants understand where their Vaultletsoft files are located.
  • Explain the differences between the registration processes (Easy / Control / Mobile). Only the Control option offers to store the private key on the user's computer, USB stick. This is necessary if the user does not want to trust Vaultlet with storing their private key and is an important security distinction.

Using Vaultletsoft

Demonstrate the sending and receiving of email, archive functions and the difference between storing email on the Vaultlet server or on the computer/USB device. Demonstrate VaultletFiler and how to upload/encrypt documents to it, as well as extracting them.

Extra Features

Demonstrate the Half-life, Scope Control and Special Delivery features. Ask the participants to practice with them, sending specially encoded messages to one another. Ask participants to send an email from their Vaultletsoft account to an external email address they own.

Trainer's Notes: To activate these special features, participants will need to have a Blue account. Their initial free accounts can be upgraded in the VaultletSuite 2 Go menu, by choosing My Account > Display Account Manager. Enter the 'VS2GO4U' code in the Promo Code area. The account will now be classified as Blue.