Internet Communications Security/Email over SSL

Email over SSL

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Registering Riseup or Gmail


Trainer's notes: Sometimes, newly created Riseup accounts do not login. Try and test this feature beforehand. Make sure to receive the global invite code from the coordinator.

Using Riseup or Gmail

Demonstrate Squirrel Mail and IMP, discussing their differences. Show the virtual keyboard for login. Set webmail options to expect the users country encoding (if relevant). Ask participants to email each other, and yourself. Quick walkthrough of the user panel (

Demonstrate the Gmail services, including Google Docs. Explain how to 'force https' option in the settings and configure other services such as IMAP forwarding, add-on accounts and low-html options.

Trainer's notes: If most participants are used to using Outlook or similar programs to read email, demonstrate how to configure Thunderbird to access email from Riseup or Gmail over secure channels.


If people are wary of switching from their current insecure email accounts, ask them to investigate whether auto-forwarding of emails from their old account to the new is possible.

Ask the participants to create a document in Google Docs and share with others. Suggest a race for the first document with edits from 10 different users in the room. Repeat exercise with the Calendar, asking the participants to create an event and invite others . The winner is the first person whose invitation is accepted by five others.