How can I stop spam

Solution- Profiling your identity and actions

Unfortunately you can't :( Once your email address ends up on the spammers' lists, the only thing you can do is to install a good spam cleaner or use an email provider that offers this service (quite common these days). It's very easy to end up on these lists especially with the prevalence of the data broker industry. Here's some tips for keeping your email address out of the spammers' hands:

  • Maintain several email accounts for various functions: work, friends and family, online transactions, email groups and lists
  • Never give out your 'spam free' email address to a third party
  • Register several email addresses on your smartphone and be careful which one you use to download apps with
  • Do not reply to spam! That confirms your email address
  • Whenever you need to display your email address on a public site, use clever techniques to masquerade it.
  • Use a temporary email address

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