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=== Sending and receiving messages while joining is in progress ===
=== Leave ===
<span style="font-family: serif; font-size: larger; font-variant:small-caps;">'''Broadcast</span>'''(":3mpCAT:3KeyShare:3", <math>myId</math>, <math>keyShare_{myId}</math>, <math>originAuthSignature</math>) # we can send this encrypted but leaving person can read it, hence theoretically it is the same as sending it unencrypted.
=== Secure Send and Receive ===
After the session key is established, participants will use Algorithms [[mpCAT#Send|5]] and [[mpCAT#Receive|6]] to communicate securely.
On Send, the protocol checks the status of the new ephemeral Diffie-Hellman and key share using messages it receives from participants. It (re)sends any missing pieces. It also informs other participants which part of the key share is received by that user. The metadata flag indicates if the message being sent only contains meta data (e.g. heartbeat) or actual user communication.
On Receive, the protocol updates who has which pieces of the key shares. The protocol also generates a new group key if the new key shares have been received from all participants or those who have not updated their key shares time out on their heartbeat interval.