I want to ensure that my data is never lost

Solution- Data Loss Unauthorised Access
Tools and Services: Peerio, Mega

Whether through a malicious action or by sheer bad luck, data can be lost in many different ways. And if that data had been stored just in one device or location, it may be very difficult or even impossible to recover it.

The only way to not actually lose any information is to have an up-to-date and secure backup. The best solution, especially if your archive is sizeable and your Internet connection speed is basic, is to make several encrypted copies of your data on various portable memory devices

If you want to keep an online archive of your files, there are many commercial and some free services offering encrypted storage. In choosing between them, look out for terms such as 'client-side' or 'end-to-end' encryption - that is where the provider cannot decrypt your data because it was encrypted locally, by your client.

Peerio is an encrypted file storage and sharing tool with 1GB of free space. Mega also offers encrypted online storage and sharing with 50GB for free. There is a syncing feature to keep all your devices up to date.

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