A Word On Anonymous Internet Publishing

Those who maintain (or contribute to) a blog or an Internet forum need to be aware that their anonymity will not be guaranteed merely by signing with a pseudonym. Every blog entry records the IP address of the computer it was sent from, and many ISPs record all traffic that has passed through them. Therefore, if you are publishing sensitive information on a website, you must take precautions not to be found out. By using anonymisers and anonymity networks you can disguise your IP origin from a particular website; by using an SSL proxy you can hide the article you are uploading from the ISP. A secure proxy server, located in a country that does not filter the Internet, can provide this kind of detour by fetching the webpages you request and delivering them to you. From your ISP's perspective, you will simply appear to be communicating securely with an unknown computer (the proxy server) somewhere on the Internet.