Using a VPN for Secure Internet Browsing

Open Source VoIP alternatives There has been a lot of movement to develop and release secure protocols and software for VoIP communications. Some of them are developed by the open source community and use generally accepted rules and principles for encryption. The project is one to check out. It it an open source secure public telephony platform. Its purpose is to document and package all the necessary tools to allow people to build their own secure replicas. Secure VoIP, like email today, would become a common service offered by multiple providers and quite easy to set-up yourself. In combination with a software like or csipsimple you can begin to encrypt instant messaging, audio and video conversations on your computer or Internet connected Android phone.

Exercise: VoIP Alternatives

  1. Register an account at
  2. Download Jitsi
  3. Establish an encrypted voice or video chat with a colleague who has done the same.
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