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Solution- Unauthorised Access Surveillance
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If you are setting up your own website for the first time, or want to find a more secure solution for the website you already have, you will have to look into the complicated market of hosting providers, where making the right choice can be hard. To understand what you need to look for, consider the following points:

  • Larger companies will be more reliant on existing control panels and automated processes to solve your problems and less willing to go out of their way specifically for you. On the other hand, their infrastructure could be better suited to mitigate an attack
  • Research company reviews from past customers
  • Read the terms of service, in particular their mitigation options during an attack
  • Look for details on their data centre location, internal systems security, client privacy, customer support agreements

In any case, keep your own backup of the site and make sure you are in control of the DNS records so as to switch providers when necessary. A more detailed guide is available for those considering their hosting options.

Commercial Hosting

  • Amazon EC2 - huge amount of features and resources, a bit overwhelming for non-technical users at fiprst
  • Dreamhost - Many hosting options with a control panel, DNS registration included
  • WpEngine - popular option for Wordpress site hosting

Non-commercial Hosting

  • Autistici - free hosting for activists on servers run by people who care about users' privacy and security
  • A list of non-profit hosting and Internet service providers, catering to activist causes

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