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{{Scenario Task
{{Scenario Task
|Scenario Task Format=Solution
|Scenario Task Format=Scenario
|Scenario Task Parent=Access to the Web
|Scenario Task Parent=Access to the Web
|Scenario Task Type=Censorship
|Scenario Task Type=Censorship

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Scenario- Censorship

Many countries that practice Internet censorship are 'kind' enough to display a warning or a reason to the user when a banned website is being requested. In other circumstances your request may simply result in a 'Page Not Found' error, or the browser will keep spinning and eventually time out with another error message. There could be several reasons for this situation to consider, before claiming with certainty that the site is indeed censored.

  1. You made a mistake in the site's name (perhaps omitted or added 'www' when it's not necessary)
  2. Your computer's network configuration is not working. Try opening other websites or (Google's search page by IP). If nothing works - check your computer's settings.
  3. Try to open the site from http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com This service will attempt to open your website from a different physical location. If that works, then the site is functioning and is likely censored (not accessible) from your location/country.

If you think that the website has been blocked in your country, take a look at Herdict project from the Berkman Center for Internet. Here you can test the site's accessibility from different countries and whether other users have reported similar blockages. If that site is blocked, please see I want to learn about circumventing Internet censorship

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